Ask Sir Classic

We all have our thoughts and we all have our opinions on certain subject matters and also on certain topics. I started this blog post to hear from you and especially  my fans at large, to get more acquainted with you and also to be able to share our different views with each our, We can discuss any matter that crosses your mind, As a music & record producer, Lol!!! oh before I forget I’m also a radio & tv producer & personality as well and being blessed to have my job titles, I get a chance to meet some amazzing people. I like the subject of music, entertainment, finance, film, politics, world affairs & the tv & motion picture industry topics as well, I can’t say I’m all that  big into all genres of sports but I do have my picks. So on that note let’s share our thoughts & opinion with one another and most importantly let’s learn from one another, as my past journeys in life have taught me we can all learn from one another even the person you least expect. So go ahead and feel free to ask or share your opinions!!! Ask Sir Classic!!!

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