Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do black lives really matter? Again do black lives really matter, If you are reading this, Silently ask your self do black lives really matter? How do I treat my fellow man? Do I love my sister? Do I love my brother? Do I love my father? Do I love my mother? Do I love my children? Do I love my uncle? Do I love my aunt? Do I love my cousins? Do I love my neighbor? better yet do I love my self? Because in order to love someone you have to love yourself!!! Look on how we treat one another (black on black crime), one’s self hatred pouring out on your brother man, oh and let us  not forget Police brutality against my kin folks that share the same skin complexion that I do, if I did not know better I would just say he or she is just my sister or my brother from another mother!!! But God Created all of us in different shades of skin color, nobody is better than the other we all need each another in this world. We have to do better than what’s going on in today society!!! Do you remember what Marvin asked “What’s Going On?” And One of my favorites and I know a lot of you remember what Michael taught us we have to look at the man in the mirror and make a change because the only way that things are going to get better is when we make a change within ourself and bring “LOVE” back into the equation And start loving one another no matter what color your fellow man skin bears!!! Just think about it, and make a change. Love God with all your heart & love your fellow man as you love GOD!!! Simple.

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